Following are checklists detailing the requirements for each of the majors and minors offered by the English department, along with tips about how to balance your coursework.  These resources are meant to be used in conjunction with regular visits to the advising office!


Creative Writing Major and Minor Checklists

*Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2021 have the option of remaining in the older version of the major.


Balance Your Schedule

We advise our majors to construct a balanced schedule each semester: 1-2 major courses; 1-2 general education courses; 1-2 second major, minor, or elective courses. If the goal is to graduate in four years, we recommend taking 15 hours (about five courses) each semester to stay on track. Keep in mind that you will have plenty of time to explore outside of your major, as the following chart demonstrates. 

Courses Credit Hours
Total number of hours required for LAS degree 120
      General Education: 10-15 courses  30-45
      English or CW major: 12-13 courses 36-39
Total of Gen Ed and major courses 66-84
Electives/Other 36-54 

"Electives/Other" can be used in various ways: for exploration; for second majors; for minors; for coursework to enhance the major; for professional development; or just for pleasure and interest.