Rhetoric Program


Rhetoric 101, 102, and 105 are all courses or course sequences that fulfill the Composition I requirement, a cornerstone of the General Education curriculum at UIUC. These courses are designed for first-year students. Placement in these courses is determined by student academic information, including ACT English/SAT EBRW scores, high school transcript information, and results from the Rhetoric Placement Questionnaire. Students can earn credit for Rhet 105 through AP English exams, IB English Exams, and, as reviewed, courses transferred in from another institution. 

We also offer courses in Advanced Rhetoric and Composition (Rhetoric 233), where students can refine their practice of argumentation and effective use of prose style.

Please note that to protect the integrity of the learning experience, we do not overenroll our Rhetoric courses. We advise students to continue checking the registration system during open enrollment periods, but we are unable accommodate requests for overenrollment for any reason. Similarly, we do not authorize late-add requests.

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Course Offerings