Rhetoric Student Essay Contest

Each semester, we hold an essay contest to honor our students' hard work. Winners receive a $75 award and the opportunity to be published in I Write, the Rhetoric textbook. Students may submit Narrative Essays, Rhetorical or Source Analyses, Argumentative or Position Essays, Multimodal or Multigenre projects, reflective writing, and exploratory work. Submissions are welcome throughout the semester, but are limited to one per student. To submit, visit go.illinois.edu/rhetcontest.

Student Essay Contest Flyer

Here are our Spring 2022 winners:

  • Alyssa Marmolejo, “Censorship: A Matter of Public Influence or Corporate Benefit?” Instructor Daniel Myers
  • Anne Schmidt, “The Effects of Media on Sustainable Fashion,” Instructor Patrick Fadely
  • Arnav Motwani, “The Psychology of Procrastination,” Instructor Curtis Dickerson
  • Brian Pau, “Is Solar Energy the Future for Developing Nations?” Instructor Mary Rose Cottingham
  • Daniel Wang, “Object Ethnography for the Real World,” Instructor Neal Liu
  • Elaine Wei, “Commercialization: The Death or Renaissance of Classical Music?” Instructor Mary Lindsey
  • Elisabeth Zamora, “Pressure on BIG 10 and NCAA athletes and its Mental Effects,” Instructor Andrea Sielicki
  • Emily Lee, “Synthesis and Annotated Bibliography on Cultural Impacts on Mental Health,” Instructor Mary Lindsey
  • Haddon Lybarger, “Ad Campaign: Social Media and Its Effects on Adolescents' Mental Health,” Instructor Naomi Taub
  • Jaya Ashrafi, “The Political and Psychological Impacts of Negative Advertising,” Instructor Naomi Taub
  • Jazmin Villagomez-Guzman, “Source Analysis: The Relationship Between Social Media and Eating Disorders,” Instructor Erin Hoffman
  • Jonathan Gao, “Revelations in Film: Asian American Representation,” Instructor Jade Williams
  • Madelyn Pawyza, “Exploratory Essay,” Instructor Erin Hoffman
  • Madison Helms, “The Scariest Mask of All: Autistic Camouflaging in Females,” Instructor Meg Morrow
  • Riya Patel, “New Beginnings,” Instructor Kirsten Dillender
  • Saneea Malik, “Analyzing Factors Affecting Implementation of the Sustainable Product Life-Cycle in the Cosmetics Industry,” Instructor Mary Rose Cottingham
  • Sophia Gardner, “Shortcomings of University Mental Health Resources,” Instructor Victoria Millen
  • Sophia Talbert, “Modern Problem: United States Teacher Shortage,” Instructor Erin Hoffman
  • Tallulah Trezevant, “Drug Decriminalization: Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It!” Instructor Zach Simon
  • Zaina Anarwala, “Can we 3D Print the Future of Housing?” Instructor Meg Morrow
  • Zhijun Zhao, “Sino-US Cooperation for Creative Ideas on Campus Lifestyle,” Instructor Mary Hays
  • Zixuan Zhang, “Marino's Abuse of Empathy: Walked a Long Way, but Forgot Why to Start,” Instructor Ryan Flanagan