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Neal Liu

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

Transnational literacy, migration studies, Asian American rhetoric, intersectionality, dialogic semiotics, Writing Studies



B.A. in English (specialization in Linguistics and TEFL), National Taiwan Normal University 

M.A. in English (specialization in Applied English Linguistics), University of Wisconsin-Madison 



Scholarship Program for College Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences to Study Abroad-Ministry of Education, Taiwan


Awards and Honors

Rhetoric Program Award for Excellence in Writing Instruction (Graduate Student category) (2021-2022)-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Graduate Academic Achievement (2017)-University of Wisconsin-Madison

Academic Excellence Award (Dean's List ) (2011) & (2013)-National Taiwan Normal University

Outstanding Student Award (2011) & (2012)-National Taiwan Normal University 




Courses Taught

RHET 105: Writing and Research (Instructor)

RHET 233: Advanced Composition and Rhetoric (Instructor): Theme: Object Ethnography

Recent Publications

Liu, M. H. N. (2023). “Everyday Dirty Work” [Review of the book Everyday Dirty Work: Invisibility, Communication, and Immigrant Labor], by Wilfredo Alvarez. Communication Quarterly Design, 11(1), 55-57. [Editorial Review]

Liu, M. H. N. (2022). “Object Ethnography for the Real-World: Using Objects and Documents for Disciplinary Development” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing. [Editorial Review]

Liu, M. H. N. (2022). “Mobility Work in Composition” [Review of the book Mobility Work in Composition], by B. Horner, M. F., Hartline, A. Kumari & L.S., Matravers. Community Literacy Journal, 16(2), 158-162. [Editorial Review]

Liu, M. H. N. (2022). First-Year-Composition Writing Conferences as a Pathway for Becoming Graduate Teaching Assistants. Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education11(1), 6. [Peer Review]

Liu, M. H. N. (2021). A Case study of using we for speaker affiliation in a first-year-composition writing conference talk. Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle31(1), 58-77. [Peer Review]

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