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Christine Schufreider

As my status as a senior and, therefore, a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Illinois dawned on me less than a year ago, the frantic pursuit of post-graduate plans began. Fortunately, the University of Illinois provides countless resources for undergraduate students to plan and pursue careers. Even more fortunately, I ultimately found my most valuable resource within the English department. During my first three years at the University, I had grappled with the idea of several career possibilities which led me to consider law school, editing, marketing, and PR among many others fields. While I felt I had the confidence, skills and broad range of experiences necessary to eventually excel in many of these, I lacked a concrete direction. The Alumni Mentoring Network provided me with an outlet to discuss my career considerations and, eventually, played a crucial role in my job search success.

Julie Glassman, a graduate of the University of Illinois English department herself, was eager to help me find my way it what seemed like a daunting professional world. Julie and I discussed my concerns and eagerness to discover the intricacies of different industries. She was candid about her experiences in a variety of industries, including but not limited to copywriting and event planning. All of this insight proved invaluable to my decision to pursue a career in marketing and, ultimately, an internship with the Chicago Screenwriters Network as well as a full-time position with a Digital Marketing company. The Alumni Mentoring Network proved integral to my career search and helped to ensure my own success as an alumna of the University of Illinois English department.

Christine now works as a Director at Conversant