English Student Association (ESA)

The English Student Association (formerly English Student Council) was created as an organization to help promote camaraderie and inclusiveness among students in the Department of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Created in 2010, ESA has grown year after year and currently has over 50 active members. 

ESA hosts various events throughout the year ranging from academic type events to social activities for students to get to know more people in the department. 

For more information, email esaillinois1867@gmail.com

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Meet the Executive Board
ESC president
President, Sydney Sadler


ESC vp
Vice President, Leo Flood


ESC secretary
Secretary, Emmett Etchingham


ESC treasurer
Treasurer, Brianna DiCicco


ESC event director
Event Director, Sydney Buczynski


ESC social media director
Social Media Director, Sophie West