In Memoriam



The English department commemorates the loss and celebrates the lives and work of two of our beloved colleagues, Professors Emeritus Anthony Kaufman and Jack Stillinger.

A photograph of the late Professor Anthony Kaufman

Tony Kaufman passed away on December 12, 2019. Tony taught Restoration drama, eighteenth-century literature, and comedy at the University of Illinois for 35 years. He published widely on Restoration drama and the short fiction of Barbara Pym. For more information, read his News-Gazette obituary.

A photograph of late UIUC Professor Jack Stillinger

Jack Stillinger passed away on April 4, 2020. An expert on John Keats and Romantic literature, Jack taught at the University of Illinois for over 35 years. The Keats-Shelly Association of America has featured tributes to his life and work (including one by colleague Professor Emeritus Richard Wheeler), and a collection of essays in his honor edited by Beth Lau, Greg Kucich, and Dan Johnson is forthcoming. For more information, see his News-Gazette obituary.