Grad Alum Wins Coalition for Community Writing Outstanding Book Award



On October 17th, grad alum Patrick Berry (PhD, 2011) received one of the Coalition for Community Writing’s 2018-19 Outstanding Book Awards at the coalition’s Conference on Community Writing in Philadelphia. Berry's Doing Time, Writing Lives: Refiguring Literacy and Higher Education in Prison (Southern Illinois University Press, 2018), a book on the teaching of college writing in US prisions, was recognized alongside books by Steven Alvarez and Candace Epps-Robertson. The award committee calls Doing Time, Writing Lives “a beautiful book . . . important and moving” as well as a “resistant response to racist and dehumanizing policies” that fosters instead “critical awareness and hope.” Berry is an associate professor in the Department of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition at Syracuse University, where he also serves as department chair.