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Venetria Kirsten Patton

Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Harry E. Preble Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Professor, English
Professor, African American Studies
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Highlighted Publications

Patton, V. K. (2000). Women in Chains: The Legacy of Slavery in Black Women's Fiction. (SUNY series in African American Studies). SUNY Press.

Patton, V. K., & Honey, M. (Eds.) (2001). Double-Take: A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance Anthology. Rutgers University Press.

Patton, V. K. (2013). The Grasp That Reaches beyond the Grave: The Ancestral Call in Black Women's Texts. SUNY Press.

Patton, V. K. (Ed.) (2014). Background Readings for Teachers of American Literature. (2 ed.) (Bedford/St. Martin's Professional Resources). Bedford/St. Martin's.

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Recent Publications

Patton, V. K. (Accepted/In press). Post Civil Rights Era and the Rise of Contemporary Novels of Slavery. In D. P. Alridge, C. L. Bynum, & J. B. Stewart (Eds.), The Black Intellectual Tradition: African American Thought in the Twentieth Century (The New Black Studies Series). University of Illinois Press.

Bolton, P., & Patton, V. K. (2020). Gender and the Construction of Antebellum Slave Narratives. In S. Belasco, T. S. Gaul, L. Johnson, & M. Soto (Eds.), A Companion to American Literature (pp. 242-254). Wiley.

Patton, V. K. (2019). Review: S. Schalk's Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women's Speculative Fiction. MFS - Modern Fiction Studies, 65(3), 563-566.

Patton, V. K. (2016). Lifting the Veil and Reclaiming Black Women's Humanity. In Beyond Mammy, Jezebel & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women / Works from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation.

West, E. J., Parker, K. R., & Patton, V. K. (2015). Reviving a Tradition: CLA Members' Publications List, 2011-2015. CLA Journal, 59(2), 194-202.

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