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Tess McNulty

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, English
Assistant Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Recent Publications

McNulty, T. (2023). Content's Forms. New Literary History, 53(4), 795-851.

McNulty, T. (2021). Content-Era Ethics. Journal of Cultural Analytics, 1(1), 290-325.

McNulty, T. (2018). Joyce Adapting Shelley: The Social Function of Lyric Form: The social function of lyric form. Journal of Modern Literature, 41(2), 23-41.

McNulty, T. (2018). Literary Ethics, Revisited: An Analytic Approach to the Reading Process: An analytic approach to the reading process. New Literary History, 49(3), 383-401.

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