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Sabrina Lee (she/her)

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Office Hours

By appointment. Please email me for the Zoom link.
PhD Candidate, literary studies with graduate minor in Asian American Studies

Research Interests

Global Modernism, Magic & the Occult, Critical Theory, Asian American Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, Digital Humanities, Intellectual History, the Literary Critic

Research Description

My dissertation, "Otherworldly Modernism: Magic, Mediums, and Coloniality," takes magic as a point to entry to analyze the production of global modernisms. Drawing on critical ethnic and decolonial studies I analyze how North Atlantic modernist authors, artists, and audiences looked outside the West to produce modernity and find meaning in it.


MA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Gragg Barr Scholarship, UIUC, Fall 2022
  • LAS Fellowship, UIUC, Fall 2021–Spring 2022
  • Gragg Barr Scholarship, UIUC, Spring 2020
  • Nicholson Graduate Fellowship for Cornell School of Criticism and Theory, UIUC, Spring 2020, delayed until Summer 2021
  • Kirkpatrick Fellowship, UIUC, Fall 2015–Spring 2016

Awards and Honors

Ruth Schurman Brookens Graduate Award for the teaching of first year writing (Spring 2021)

Courses Taught

Instructor of Record

  • RHET 101: Principles of Writing
  • RHET 102: Principles of Research
  • RHET 105: Writing and Research
  • ENGL 109: Introduction to Fiction, Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 213: Global Modernist Literature and Culture

Teaching Assistant

  • AAS 100: Introduction to Asian American Studies

Additional Campus Affiliations

  • Department of Asian American Studies
  • Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

Highlighted Publications