Sandra Ruiz

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Performance Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Latinx Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Gender, Sexuality & Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Continental Philosophy, Contemporary American Literature, Theatre Studies, Minoritarian Aesthetics

Research Description

Ricanness: Enduring Time in Anticolonial Performance (NYU Press, June 2019) investigates the relationship between Puerto Rican subjectivity, gender, sexuality, and revolutionary performance under colonial time. Ruiz argues that Ricanness—a continual performance of bodily endurance against US colonialism through different measures of time—uncovers what’s at stake politically for the often unwanted, anticolonial, racialized and sexualized enduring body. Moving among theatre, experimental video, revolutionary protest, photography, poetry, and durational performance art, Ricanness stages scenes in which the philosophical, social, and psychic come together at the site of aesthetics, against the colonization of time. Analyzing the work of artists and revolutionaries like ADÁL, Lebrón, Papo Colo, Pedro Pietri, and Ryan Rivera, Ricanness imagines a Rican future through the time travel extended in their aesthetic interventions, illustrating how they have reformulated time itself through nonlinear aesthetic practices.


Performance Studies, Ph.D., New York University
Performance Studies, MA, New York University
English Language & Literature, BA, University of Chicago

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Latina/Latino Studies
Assistant Professor, Comparative and World Literature
Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies

Recent Publications

Ruiz, S. (2019). Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal: "Crossing the Line: The Here and Now of Race and Gender, and the Entanglements of Love in Performance Art and Pedagogy,”. In Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal : Crossing the Line: The Here and Now of Race and Gender, and the Entanglements of Love in Performance Art and Pedagogy,

Ruiz, S. (2019). Ricanness: Enduring Time In Anticolonial Performance. New York University Press.

Ruiz, S. (2017). Organismal Futurisms in Brown Sound and Queer Luminosity: Getting Into Gressman's Cyborgian Skin. Performance Matters , Vol. 3(No. 2), 72-91.

Ruiz, S. (2016). Review of In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam. American Literary History, 7.

Ruiz, S. (2015). El Caribe on the Horizon: José Esteban Muñoz and the Commitment to Futurity. Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism, 19(2), 94-103.

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