Robert Markley

Interim Head
W. D. and Sara E. Trowbridge Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

Recent Publications

Markley, R. (2019). Kim Stanley Robinson. (Modern Masters of Science Fiction). Champaign: University of Illinois Press.

Markley, R. (2019). Literature, Climate, and Time: Between History and Story. In A. Johns-Putra (Ed.), Climate and Literature (pp. 15-30). (Cambridge Critical Concepts). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Markley, R. (2019). Review: A.J. Stallard's Antipodes: In Search of the Southern Continent. Melbourne: Monash University Press, 2016. Australian Historical Studies, 50(3), 396-397.

Markley, R. (2019). Nation and Environment in Britain, 1660-1705. In E. Sauer (Ed.), Emergent Nation: Early Modern British Literature in Transition, 1660–1714 (pp. 295-312). (Early Modern Literature in Transition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Markley, R. (Ed.) (Accepted/In press). Ecological Footprints: Crusoe's Island and Other Alien Environments. Eighteenth-Century Fiction.

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