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Lori Humphrey Newcomb

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Early modern prose fiction and drama; popular print culture; theories of representation, performance, and difference


Ph.D. (English), Duke University; B.A. (British Studies), Yale University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Associate Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

Highlighted Publications

Newcomb, L. H. (2002). Reading Popular Romance in Early Modern England. Columbia University Press.

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Recent Publications

Newcomb, L. H. (2020). Frances Wolfreston's Annotations as Labours of Love. In V. Wayne (Ed.), Women's Labour and the History of the Book in Early Modern England (pp. 243-266). Bloomsbury Academic.

Newcomb, L. H. (2018). Cross-sections (2): 1596-1600. In T. Keymer (Ed.), The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 1: Prose Fiction in English from the Origins of Print to 1750 (pp. 55-72). Oxford University Press.

Newcomb, L. H., Chan, M. M., Gross, H., Lee, S. Y., Ruiz, M. J., Johnston, K. R., O'Toole, K. E., & Wykle, S. (2018). Shakespeare in Snippets: Ballads, Plays, and the Performance of Remediation. In P. Fumerton (Ed.), Ballads and Performance: The Multimodal Stage in Early Modern England EMC Imprint.

Newcomb, L. H. (2018). Toward a Sustainable Source Study. In D. A. Britton, & M. Walter (Eds.), Rethinking Shakespeare Source Study: Audiences, Authors, and Digital Technologies (pp. 19-45). (Routledge Studies in Shakespeare). Routledge.

Newcomb, L. H. (2016). A Looking Glass for Readers: Cheap Print and the Senses of Repentance. In Writing Robert Greene: Essays on England’s First Notorious Professional Writer (pp. 133-156). Taylor and Francis.

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