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Gordon Hutner


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, English
Director, Trowbridge Initiative in American Cultures, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Recent Publications

Smith, R. G., & Hutner, G. (2023). Democracy and the Novel in the US: An Introduction. American Literary History, 35(1), 1-7.

Castronovo, R., & Hutner, G. (2022). Introduction. American Literary History, 34(1), 1-8.

Hutner, G. (2021). Nathaniel hawthorne's civil war. J19, 9(1), 137-144.

Hutner, G. (2021). The second book project: A second introduction. American Literary History, 33(3), 455-459.

Hutner, G., Fallon, S. M., Vigil, A. E., Roberts, W. R., Bose, P., Francisco, T., Altschuler, G. C., Li, S., & Fan, C. T. (2020). Presidential Forum. American Literary History, 32(2).

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