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Course Catalog - Business and Technical Writing

BTW 199 - Undergraduate Open Seminar

May be repeated.

BTW 250 - Principles Bus Comm

Teaches students to apply the principles of successful professional communication to workplace writing tasks. Students will also practice editing and supervising the writing of others. Assignments replicate typical business cases and situations, including a report that requires students to compile and interpret research. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion of campus Composition I requirement.

BTW 261 - Principles Tech Comm

Teaches students to apply the principles of successful professional writing to a range of realistic cases in technical communication. Emphasizes flexible problem-solving skills and a clear style for communicating technical information to a range of readers. Assignments will include correspondence, instructions, proposals, and a technical report or similar project. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion of campus Composition I requirement.

BTW 263 - Writing in the Disciplines

Teaches students to apply principles of professional communication to the writing tasks typical of specific disciplines or professions. Assignments will vary, depending on the focus of the course, but will include a substantial report or project. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion of campus Composition I requirement.

BTW 271 - Persuasive Writing

Students will study principles of persuasion as applied to writing and designing written communications for business and the professions. Included are ads, direct-mail campaigns, argumentative essays, proposals, and other types of writing designed to move readers to action. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion of Composition I requirement.

BTW 279 - Writing Job Applications

Theories and practical techniques of writing successful cover letters and resumes. Emphasizes adaptable communication and research skills, including use of career resources, investigation of potential employers, selection of appropriate jobs that fit students’ skills and interests, and targeting of resumes and cover letters to particular job applications. Same as LAS 279.

BTW 280 - Global Business Communication

How do professionals working internationally negotiate, express disagreement, and maintain relationships? How do management strategies, marketing plans, and human resource decisions differ from one country to another? This class answers these questions and many more about culture, business, and writing. With a strong focus on written communication, this course focuses on current trends in international business management and an array of writing skills and activities to prepare students to succeed in international careers. Prerequisite: Completion of the campus Composition I requirement. Restricted to students with Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class standing.

BTW 285 - Writing a Web Presence

Students will build a professional online web presence and familiarize themselves with social media management. Explores how principles of effective composition and writing as a process interact with different, increasingly popular digital media. In addition to hands-on activities and practice with digital design and web development techniques, students will create social media campaigns, write reports that visualize data, and analyze the diverse audiences that make up the internet. Prerequisite: Composition I.

BTW 290 - Individual Study

Independent research with a chosen tutor leading to the writing of a formal report or preparation of some other type of major presentation of information. Enroll in BTW office, 294 English Building. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

BTW 402 - Descriptive English Grammar

Same as ENGL 402. See ENGL 402.

BTW 490 - Special Topics Prof Writing

Study of the forms, situations, and social practices that define writing in particular disciplines or professions. Each class will focus on a specific topic such as science writing, writing in the environmental movement, legal writing, writing in the social sciences, public policy in the popular media, and so on. Assignments will vary with the topic. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 undergraduate hours or 8 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing.