Lesley Owens

Lesley smiles in front of bookshelves with many books. Lesley is wearing clear glasses and a navy blazer.

Lesley Owens is a third-year PhD student in Writing Studies. Her research interests include disability studies, feminist methodology, and qualitative methods. Her dissertation will use survey and qualitative methods to explore the literate practices of disabled students as they navigate university settings, while also examining how faculty and staff experience students’ accommodation requests. She has also done research on the practices of bullet journal users.

Lesley has a background in creative writing (BA, University of Kansas; MFA, Pennsylvania State University) and a professional background in advising, university communications, and university administration. At UIUC, she has taught RHET 105: Writing & Research and INFO 303: Writing Across Media, interned with the Siebel Center for Design, and served as an assistant director for the Rhetoric Program. In her free time, she is very involved with UIUC’s graduate worker union (GEO). Read more about Lesley's teaching and research on her personal website.