Hollis Druhet

Hollis smiles sitting on a rock in front of trees.

Hollis Druhet is a current MA student from Lafayette, Indiana studying English Literature with a supplemental interest in Film Studies at UIUC. His research interests include the 20thcentury African American novel as well as narrative technique in documentary cinema. More recently, his work has expanded to consider the complex engagements that occur between Black and Indigenous Studies with a focus on United States citizenship rights. This project, which applies an intersectional analysis to the literature of Claudia Rankine and Layli Long Soldier, was accepted for presentation at the 2021 MELUS conference. As he begins to transition to the Ph.D. stage, his research will continue to be motivated by questions concerning community formation and how narrativity is employed across literature and film. Away from work, he enjoys finding new parks to visit and seeing family in San Francisco and New Orleans.