Rebecah Pulsifer

Rebecah is smiling directly at the camera. Her long brown hair is pulled to one side and she is wearing a forest green sweater.

Rebecah Pulsifer is a Collective Bargaining and Research Consultant at the Ohio Education Association. She provides research support to local leaders as they bargain fair labor contracts and to her organization's governmental relations and communications professionals as they advocate for educators.

Rebecah came to OEA after working as an assistant professor at Kettering University and then a field representative at the Ohio Federation of Teachers. She received her PhD in Literary Studies in 2017. Her dissertation, completed under the direction of Andy Gaedtke, traced the concepts of intelligence and intellectual disability in twentieth-century literature, mind sciences, and public policy. As an academic, she published articles on modernist literature and representations of intellectual disability and taught courses on British and Irish literature, disability studies, and film.