Ryan Sherwood

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Contact Information

332 English Building
608 S. Wright St
Urbana, IL 61801
Graduate Student

Research Interests

Cinema, Modernism


  • MA in English Language and Literature, University of New Hampshire (2013)
  • BA in English, Rivier University (2010)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Cinema (ENGL/MACS 104)
  • Introduction to British Literature (ENGL 115)
  • Writing and Research (RHET 105)

Recent Publications


"Through the Dark Mirror: Philip Roth's The Plot Against America as Noir Fantasia." Philip Roth Studies (forthcoming).



1968 and Global Cinema. Edited by Christina Gerhardt and Sara Saljoughi. Film & History (forthcoming). 



“Digital Ghosts: Twin Peaks: The Return and La Jetée.” The Vault of Culture, 20 May 2019, https://www.vaultofculture.com/vault/digitalghosts/twinpeaks.

“Digital Ghosts: Hamlet and K Street.” The Vault of Culture, 5 June 2019, https://www.vaultofculture.com/vault/digitalghosts/hamletkstreet.

“Digital Ghosts: Nathan for You s02e01, ‘Mechanic/Realtor’.” The Vault of Culture, 3 July 2019, https://www.vaultofculture.com/vault/digitalghosts/nathanforyou.